Monday, August 16, 2010

Projects (Part 1)

So I've been working on several projects this summer, trying to find as many ways to get everything as organized as possible. I have a lot more stuff that I currently have to find room to store. For those of you that don't apartment does not have the best layout. It has two bedrooms, one bathroom, and one closet. Yes, you heard me right, only ONE closet for two people. I currently live with my brother so this isn't that big of a deal. He doesn't hang anything except his suit. (When I lived with my sister, it was scary the amount of clothes that were in there). The one good thing about the closet is that its big, like the size my bedroom big. On two walls it had those metal shelf/hanging racks. We decided to take the rack down from the shorter of the two walls and get/make shelving for crafts/shoes/etc. But all of that will come in the next post.

The project I'm going to share with you today is a jewelry box. While I would love to take the credit for making the whole thing, that's simply not so. I have a friend, Amber, whose step-father made it for her when she was in college. He had glued (and I mean like, super-duper heavy-duty glue) red paper to it and Amber had put a large rhinestone on the end of each peg to hold everything on, a rhinestone a in the bottom right corner, and rhinestones on the earring holder. While it was super cute, it just didn't fit in with the look I wanted for my room. I wish I had thought about taking a picture before I started for a before picture, but I'm new to all this blogging stuff so you'll have to forgive me. So I sat down one night and took it apart and ripped all the red paper off. It was not easy, believe me. I had cuts and splinters all over my hands. (Again, didn't think about taking pictures of it at this point). I had found this fabric that I wanted to recover the seat for the vanity that I got from my Granny's, so I decided the colors in the fabric would be what I would use for my entire room. I bought paint and got down to it.
I used some of the leftover fabric from the seat to cover the back of the box. This is the box with the back done, the pegs painted and in (blue), and the rest of the box primed.

This is the box painted with the earring holder in and hung on the wall.

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